Since 1985, we've been growing
native Virginian plants
to help restore our natural ecosystems.

Our nursery houses the most comprehensive collection of local ecotypes in the region,
preserving more than 300 plant varieties, including many rare and critically imperiled species.

Adding native plants to your landscape increases its ecological function.

Native plants support food webs, by providing vegetation and nectar. They also provide habitats, purify the air and water, and absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Our Native Plant Nursery

Our Services

Landscape Design

After an initial site consultation, we will draft a comprehensive design proposal and visual mock-up, tailored to your needs and terrain. You will have several opportunities to provide feedback on the plan in the design stage.

Plant Installation

When the day comes to install your new garden or meadow, we guarantee the process will be easy and worry-free. Our reliable staff will take care of everything so you don't have to.

Invasive Species Removal

Our knowledegeable staff are experts in identifying and extirpating hard-to-kill invasive species like English ivy, Japanese stiltgrass, autumn olive, oriental bittersweet, winter creeper, and bush honeysuckle.

Ready to go native?

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